Forgotten Timber

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Timber Bench Tops/Cabinet Makers

Nothing says Australia quite like our Outback. The open spaces that seem to stretch on forever tell the story of the exploration and development of our sun-burnt land, and reflect Australia’s pioneering spirit and unique identity.

You can bring a little bit of the outback into your home or business with beautiful rare timber pieces hand selected from Australia’s outback. Our timber has been rescued from station yards and fences, bridges, barns and old sheds, reflecting our love of this great southland.

Whether you are looking for unique old timber in its raw state to bring inspiration to your next project, or a timeless specially designed piece to bring charm & character to your home, our range is sure to accommodate. Joinery facilities are available to pre-cut any specialty item IE. Resize, notches, details etc.

Pick-up from a pre-arranged location or have your goods delivered. Please understand that though we are based on the Sunshine Coast, we may be traveling to source timber. It is best therefore, to arrange a suitable time to browse through our products in advance.